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Electronic Home Safety Consulting

Email digital pictures to of your cupboards, stairs or other problem areas in your home and we can give you advise about how we would go about babyproofing if we could be there. From these pictures and subsequent phone conversations, recommendations can be given about which products would suit your needs. Before selecting products from our Website, if there are any questions, contact us and see if we can add information to help with your selection. 

We ask you to realize that Babysecure could not exist to provide the this knowledgeable advise without the sale of products. Throughout the website there is a good amount of knowledgable practical information about babyproofing which is not found on other sites. If you have found this information helpful please support the company to allow it to continue to help others.

When sending pictures of stairs please stand back a good 6 feet and give a greater perspective of what is on each side of the opening and where the stairs are within the house. For pictures of cupboards send one general one of what they look like from the outside and then one of a drawer, or series of drawers opened and from the side.

Pictures may not reach us depending on the size of picture and the number you send. You may need to adjust the size of your pictures, or send in several emails. We reply as directly as possible and generally if you have not heard back within two days then the pictures were not received.

For more information about Electronic Home Safety Consulting contact us or call us at (514) 485-2323.