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First Aid Courses

Babysecure is not currently scheduling First Aid Courses

go to the Red Cross web site to see courses available.


This page includes Course Outlines, Dates of Courses and Registration.

Please also read additional general information about courses on the Course Overview Page.  
Answers to all the FAQ questions can be found by reviewing these two pages.
NOTE:  there are different types of First Aid Courses and  TWO SECTIONS  to the course information below. Courses are taught and organized by different instructors.  Please read everything carefully and use appropriate contact information for the course you want to take.


LANGUAGE: Courses are given in English

COURSE LOCATION :  St. MARY'S directions and reconfirmation are sent by email a few days before the course when registration numbers are settled.  
THERE IS NO OFFICE LOCATED ST. MARY'S for the administration of the First Aid Training. Only the rooms where the courses or conducted are generously provided. Kindly do not contact the hospital for information or registration in the courses.
REGISTRATION FORM:  found at bottom of this page. 

DATES FOR COURSES: found in chart below the Course Description.                                                                                     

#1 EMERGENCY CHILDCARE FIRST AID WITH CPR LEVEL B* / AED TRAINING     8hours                $79.00/pr **

This course is for Parents and Family as well as for Childcare workers who are taking care of children.
The course highlights how to prevent injury by identifying where and how most injuries for children happen and why they are not "accidents". Participants learn what to do in a sudden emergency when someone stops breathing or their heart stops beating, such as choking, drowning, falls, allergic reaction etc.  It includes instruction in Baby/Child/Adult CPR and how to operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Also covered is information about a wide range of first aid topics, such as how to stop bleeding, clean cuts, treat fevers, broken bones, burns, poisoning, head injuries or things stuck in a nose etc.
Included with the course is access to a comphrensive on-line manual and a shorter Class Copy which participants access through their account opened on the Red Cross web site. A hard copy of the Class Copy is available to follow during the class time. Participants can choose to purchase a hard copy of this manual for $15.00 during the course. It is also available on the Red Cross shopping cart.
For Daycare caregivers or people working with children who are required to have a first aid course for employment this course covers and exceeds the requirements (effective April 2016) of the Ministrie de Famille which mandates that a course must be 8 hours covering Childhood First Aid and includes training in what to do for severe allergic reactions. The certification wallet size card specifies these requirements of the Ministrie. Completion of the course requires full attendance and successfully completing a multiple choice quiz at the end of the course. Participants print their own certification wallet size card or certificate from their account opened with the Red Cross. This account is made available through an email sent from the Red Cross a few days after the course. Renewal is 3 years.

For additional information not found on this or Course Overview Page please email

* Levels in CPR/AED training refer to content included in the course and do not require prerequistes to attend, i.e. it is not necessary to take Level A to take Level C course.
** Prices include taxes and access to on-line manuals, copy of in-class Childcare First Aid and CPR (84pages) and Comprehensive Guide for First Aid and CPR (228 pages).
NOTE : time frame for the course include breaks and 1 hour for lunch.





Day Date        (Course Type) Times Duration


8:30 am - 6:00pm 8hr
Saturday      (ECCFA)  8:30 am - 6:00pm

8 hr

Sunday      (ECCFA)   8:30 am - 6:0 pm 8hr
Saturday      (ECCFA) 

8:30 am - 6:00 pm


Sunday      (ECCFA)  8:30 am - 6:00 pm

8 hr



8:30 am - 6:00 pm 

8 hr



8:30 am  - 6:00 pm  8 hr


8:30 am - 6:00 pm 

8 hr


     (ECCFA) 5:30 am - 9:30 pm

8 hr

Tuesday      (ECCFA) 5:30 am - 9:30 pm

8 hr



8:30 am - 6:00 pm 

8 hr.



8:30am - 6:00pm 8 hr.

Courses are open unless "Full" appears beside course date.

*** If "FULL"  is beside the date, you can fill in a registration form to be put on a waiting list.

You will be contacted if a place opens up.


To register for Course #1 ECCFA...

please read and follow the 3 Step instructions below. 


STEP 1. Fill In Registration Form

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page.  Completing the form on line, assures correct spelling of name and email address necessary for the Red Cross to send out the certification cards. Any errors will lead to delay in receiving your certification card from the Red Cross. You will receive an automated reply from the web site when your form is successfully received. If you do not receive this reply, send again.

Kindly fill in this registration form Only if you follow directly with the Payment Step 2 as soon as possible. Forms not accompanied with Step 2 will be deleted to give place to someone who wants to take the course.


Step 2. Arrange Payment

Some form of payment is required to save your place in the course and needs to be done directly after filling in the registration form.

PAYMENT for the Course #1 ECCFA $79.00**, is by either of the following......

a) Cheque/ Money Order. 

Mail (generally arrives in two - three business days)  a post-dated cheque or money order, payable to Babysecure for the start date of your course.  If paying by cheque, please send a separate email for the address. The cheque is deposited close to the course time. (There is a $35.00 service charge for NSF cheques as well as any other service fees from the bank)


b) hold your place with Credit Card number until payment at Course.

Call 514 485 BEBE (2323) to leave a credit card number (for your security do not email this number) to reserve your place until the day of  the course. Then you would need to pay by cash, cheque or money order. We do not accept payment for the Course by credit card to keep course costs down. The credit card number is used to save your place and only will be processed for the Cancellation Fee (see below) if you do not give the two day notice that you will not be attending.

NOTE: office closed between , Feb 29 - Mar 72020, you can communicate during this time by email. Telephone messages will be replied to  March 8, 2020.  


c) Bank Transfer to Confirmation that it is received is given by your bank.


Step 3 Confirmation 

Since rooms where the course is held at the hospital may change, additional information including directions to St. Mary's Hospital and room location is emailed out a few days before the course. Check your junk mail if you have not received the notice in this time frame.

Additional Information

Receipts. Receipts for the course are emailed a few days after the course. For those whom a First Aid Course can be related to your work, the receipts can be used for a credit on income taxes.

Cancellation If, for any reason after registering, you are not able to attend, please notify us immediately. Notice must be given 48 hours before the start time of the day of the course to receive full credit for next course or a refund (chq torn up). There is a cancellation fee for shorter than this notice. After two consecutive cancellations, there is no refund. Because numbers in courses are small, there is no refund if you attend only part of a course. There is a limited opportunity to make up the remaining part of the course at another time depending on numbers of participants and room size. Courses may be cancelled due to insufficient registration.

Certification. All participants in courses receive accreditation from the Red Cross. The Certifcate as well as wallet size cards are now made available on-line in a personal account set up for each participant. You will receive an email from the Red Cross after the course is successfully completed. If at any time you loose your card, you can log back in to reprint your card.

If your employers asks for some other verification that you have taken the course before you can access your card on-line, Babysecure can write and send by email a transition letter to confirm you attended the course. There is a $25.00 fee to do this. If you need renew your certification for employment, it is always better to plan to make arrangements to take the renewal course a few months before your current card expires.

Keeping in touch In order to avoid playing telephone tag with numbers of people, the majority of communication between participants in courses and Babysecure will be done by email. Please check your emails regularly after signing up for a course.

Private Course If you have a group of 6 people and would like to organize a course, call (514) 485-BÉBÉ (2323). 

(during summer months courses can be arranged weekdays or over 2 weekday evenings)


If you are looking to have a Standard or Emergency First Aid Course (EFA or SFA, see descriptions on Course Overview Page ) and have your own group you can contact the followiing instructor. There are no open registration dates for these courses.

(514) 654-3422  or email

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