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Pinnacle Gateway

Pinnacle Gateway

The Pinnacle Gateway is a hands-free, auto close pressure mount gate.

  • The one-of-a-kind combination of these two features is what makes this high-end gate unique.
  • Foot pedal operation makes it easy to use. Once depressed, it waits in an unlocked position (marked with a green indicator) until the gate door is pushed open. After walking through, a spring loaded hinge and magnets combine to draw the gate closed automatically. 
  • It's slim profile also allows it to be used with a closed room door.
  • Whether opening or closing this gate, your hands are free to carry the baby or objects with you.
  • For more detailed information and installation instructions see ATTACHMENT file below.
  • Fits into openings from 29" to 47.5" wide with the addition of 5.5"extensions. (see 5.5" Extension in ACCESSORIES below)
  • Also check out the WALL SAVER, below which would help protect the wall and create better fit. 
  • Following is guide to selection of appropriate combination of extensions for your opening.

Basic Gate  extends from 31½" - 37"W

For openings 37" - 42½"  purchase one  5.5" Kit

For openings 42½" - 47½"purchase two 5.5" Kits

Available in White

SR46Pinnacle.pdf3.26 MB

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