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Avant Retractable Gate

Avant Retractable Gate

The Avant gate is manufactured by the company who originated this style of roll away gate. After several years of redevelopement they have added some features.

  • The gate rolls into case so it "disappears" when not in use.
  • Use for doorways, hallways or bottom of stairs.
  • One hand operation though at its widest two hands usually helps.
  • Can be set for either automatic or manual locking.
  • Automatic setting has a delayed release button that gives you time to walk through before the gate locks.
  • Manual setting keeps the gate unlocked until you turn it to locking position
  • Measures 32" high.
  • Fits small areas and openings up to 51" wide.
  • New Modern design.
  • Brushed aluminum casing and soft, sturdy, wrinkle-free mesh.
  • Holds up to 220 lbs.
  • Easy to install to flat surfaces, for help to create flat surface see Gate Mounting Kits.
  • Winner of the 2009 JPMA Innovation Awards Competition.
  • Only works where fixtures can be mounted straight across from each other.
  • Best used to between two rooms or base of stairs.
  • Only suitable at top of stairs where gate can be placed 6 inches back from the edge of the top step.
  • to see how it works

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