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A semi-permanent, clean, trim design pressure gate that gives you the advantages of easy passage without having to install with screws.

  • It avoids the inconvenience of other pressure gates where you put in and lift out the whole thing to pass through.
  • Different from the U-shaped frame of the Centre Gateway SR12, this gate's door is at one side of the gate.
  • It fixes with the same four non-skid mounting pads that protect your walls and woodwork.
  • You walk through the opening created at the side of the gate by means of an inner doorway which can be opened with one hand.
  • Not recommended for top of stairs because the bottom pressure bar of the gate may be a tripping hazard.
  •  Additional Y-shaped SPINDLE MOUNT, SR29 can replace the pads to allow for secure mounting to narrow spindle bannister posts on hinge side only. Comes in WHITE only.

 Basic gate is  29½" H and fits opening between 30" - 36"W.5.5" EXTENSION KIT (use only one) extends gate to 41 1/2" wide.Refer to Attachment below below for more installion details.

927_4809_SRGatewayIn.pdf2.08 MB

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