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Wall Gate Mount

Wall Gate Mount

For security Mounted Gates need to be installed to studs or to solid wooden surfaces. They also are easier and safer to install where there is a flat surface particularly on the hinge side. Gate Mounts are strips of wood (36"H x 1 1/2"W x 3/4" D) which help you create the flat and sturdy surfaces to install gates safely to walls where you do not have a stud or need to work around a baseboard molding.

  • Kit comes with anchor hardware for walls where there are no studs.
  • You can mount the wood directly to the wall as seen or cut a spacer block from it to help you extend out to create a level surface outside the baseboard moldings at the floor.
  • The full Wall Gate Mount length is safer than just a block wood spacer behind the top fixture becuase it keeps the space between the last rung of the gate and the wall consistant. A spacer creates an wider space that could be an entrapment hazard,
  • Gate Mounts install with two holes. Most Mounted Gate hardware involves 4 screws for each side so they help to have less repair work when finished with the gate.
  • Whenever you put up a gate, it never goes up right the first time. The gate mount allows you drill as many holes as you need to adjust the gate properly without worrying about added holes.
  • See ATTACHMENT below for installation information.

Choose NATURAL (unstained wood) or stained WHITE / BLACK / BROWN (add $4.00)

HANDLING FEE: Babysecure provides these Gate Mounting Fixtures as a service to help our clients who buy our gates. There is an additional Handling Fee if you purchase this item without buying a Babysecure gate.


SKU: GMw, GMwh, GMb
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