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Centre Gateway - Wood

Centre Gateway - Wood

Discounted - Was $120.95

A semi-permanent, clean, trim, European design pressure gate that gives you the advantages of easy passage without having to install with screws.

  • It avoids the inconvenience of other pressure gates which require you to push the whole thing in place, lift out to pass through and then turn around and replace it.
  • The U-shaped frame stays firmly in place with four non-skid mounting pads that protect your walls and woodwork.
  • You walk through the centre by means of an inner doorway which can be opened with one hand and swings in both directions.
  • Not suitable for the top of stairs because the bottom bar of the U will be a tripping hazard.


Unique additional Y-shaped fixtures (see Spindle Mount, SR29 in Accessories below) replace the pads to allow for secure mounting to narrow spindle or turned bannister posts.

Look below for a BLACK or WHITE look in the same style of gate  SR12. 

Open ATTACHMENT below for more installation instructions and a reference guide to the the number of extensions which will fit your measurements.

Basic gate is 29.5"H and  28" - 36"W. With addition of SR5.5" EXTENSIONs, see below, gate can fit into openings up to 47" wide.


SKU: SR12w
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