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This open air barrier allows the heat from around the pan to escape, but blocks a child from being able to reach or pull at a pot. Adjustable size up to 32" wide stove. Side panels add stability. Fastened into adhesive-backed clips which allow for removal when cleaning.



Longer Swivel latch works when your countrer overhang does not give you enough room to reach in to unlock the latch.

  • Latch is longer to let you reach under counters or around knobs of handles to open.
  • Latch measures approximately 1" longer than standard latches.
  • Swivel feature lets you mount screws in different positions as well as ....
  • Can be disengaged when not needed. 
  • Caution is at the bottom of the cupboard doors, this latch will open wider and maybe give room for a little arm to reach in. Best used with under the counter drawers.

The Door Smoocher™ is a child door safety latch designed to lock and unlock single or double pocket doors, sliding doors and swing doors from both sides.  Fitspocket and swing doors up to 1 1/2" in thickness. Swinging doors will need a 1/4" clearance between the door and frame. The Door Smoocher™ can be placed high up, out of the reach of children and large pets. The Door Smoocher™ is easy to install, will not damage the door face, looks great and best of all, will help prevent your child or large pets from getting into areas that could be dangerous. It is a great alternative to hook and eye hardware or putting a baby gate in the doorway. How it works

How to install - Door Smoocher Installation





The Grip Safe  is a novel and simple idea to deter children from opening cupboards or drawers without drilling holes.

  • Remove your current handles or pulls and replace by sliding in the Grip Save plate through the existing hole.
  • From the outside you will see a flush 2cm  diametre disc and nothing sticking out for a child to grab.
  • Open by touching the Magnet Grip Key, (which you store out of reach,) to the flat metal disk.
  • It will fix to the metal plate allowing you pull open doors or drawers weighing up to 11kg.
  • Because it is not a locking mechanism, if they think of it, a little person might learn to open the cupboard drawer by pulling from the bottom or exposed outside edges.
  • It may be the only way you can make it difficult to open those commonly found ,4 stacking  set of kitchen drawers (with no spaces inbetween)  where you can not find a traditional two piece latch to fit. (The WONDER LATCH II is the only latch that may lock these types of drawers)
  • Package contains 4 screw plates and one Grip Key.

The Kidco Spring Action latch is similar to the Spring Latch, see CD2, except it has a great feature that you can set it into a unlocked position. When you are busy in the kitchen, or the baby is in bed,  you can temporarily disengage the lock. It also comes with an added "catch" piece, instead of just catching to the wood frame of the cabinet. This can be useful when the frame is made of soft wood and wear of the surface from the opening and relocking.

Spring style latches are favoured for being easiest for adults to open with a push of the button. In choosing a Spring Latch you need to consider the space you have to get your finger in, to undo the latch. This involves how much space there is between the counter top down to the top of the drawer and the depth of your counter overhang.  If the drawer is right up under the counter which sticks out more than 1 inch, you would not be able to reach in to unlock. Put your back to children when you open. If it is easier for adults to open, then they may learn how by watching you. You may need to install two, at either side, if you want to continue to keep them out.


Discounted - Was $53.75.

The Go Pod is a lightweight, portable activity seat developed as an alternative to the bulky stationary activity centres. It's one of a kind "mobility" design makes it a must for in-home or travel needs. Instead of buying another large piece of plastic baby equipment which takes up so much room, this "Pod" can be folded up and stored in its carrying bag. Weighing only 7 pounds it is easily portable to bring around the house, outdoors, Grandma's house or while on vacation. A good way to keep them  safe in a place which is not babyproofed.

Features include....

  •  Locking Button - Ensures Go-Pod is locked in place and safe for baby
  • Floor Pad - keeps baby's feet from touching undesireable surfaces
  • Four Seat Height Positions - grows with baby to be able to touch the floor
  • Drink and Snack Holders
  • 5 Nylon Loops - to hold toys
  • Storage Bag - includes pocket for wallet, keys, phone etc.


Go Pod details

  • Age Range: approximately 4 months to walking
  • Weight : 7 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 6.5"W x 6.5"L x 29.5"L
  • Open Dimensions: 24"W x 24"L x 19.5"H (at lowest seat level)








This oven lock secures the door of your oven closed.

  • It fixes with adhesive to the inside upper edge of the oven door frame.
  • A metal hinged flap drops down over the front to the door.
  • To open there is a two-step fine motor slide-to-one-side, then lift, action which is a challenge for little people.
  • Not recommended to be in place when using the self cleaning feature of the stove. 
  • Works with most styles of ovens.
  • white (gray switch/white frame) 


These safety straps help prevent your flat screen TV from falling over.

  • Made of durable nylon webbing with heavy-duty plastic brackets that screw into the VESA (used for wall mounting) screw threads in the back of any flat screen TV. 
  • Secure  the other end of the strap either to furniture or wall studs.
  • Kit comes with two straps for each TV.


This lock secures front loading washers and dryers to keep kids from climbing in. Just press button and turn to release and lock. If your washer or dryer door is accidentally left open, it prevents the door from locking. A special indicator lets you know it's in the locked position. Removable spacer accommodates different door widths. Mounts with heavy-duty adhesive.


The Pinnacle Gateway is a hands-free, auto close pressure mount gate.

  • The one-of-a-kind combination of these two features is what makes this high-end gate unique.
  • Foot pedal operation makes it easy to use. Once depressed, it waits in an unlocked position (marked with a green indicator) until the gate door is pushed open. After walking through, a spring loaded hinge and magnets combine to draw the gate closed automatically. 
  • It's slim profile also allows it to be used with a closed room door.
  • Whether opening or closing this gate, your hands are free to carry the baby or objects with you.
  • For more detailed information and installation instructions see ATTACHMENT file below.
  • Fits into openings from 29" to 47.5" wide with the addition of 5.5"extensions. (see 5.5" Extension in ACCESSORIES below)
  • Also check out the WALL SAVER, below which would help protect the wall and create better fit. 
  • Following is guide to selection of appropriate combination of extensions for your opening.

Basic Gate  extends from 31½" - 37"W

For openings 37" - 42½"  purchase one  5.5" Kit

For openings 42½" - 47½"purchase two 5.5" Kits

Available in White


A terrifically unique automatically-relocking latch, created by a professional babyproofer to fill a void in what was available to latch problematic drawers. Thanks Jeff.

Wonder Latch II solves many installation challenges particularly in drawers where there is no cross-brace framing between drawers. Its small size and footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces.

  • Mounts in three different ways for versatility.
  • Can be mounted facing up, facing sideways or facing down.



Where ever you find sliding glass or mirrored doors and windows, this simple wedge incorporated into suction cup  will stop them from moving.

  • Keeps children from getting into sliding-door closets or falling out windows.
  • Prevents slamming of patio or shower doors and sliding windows on fingers.
  • Stop can be positioned to allow partial opening for ventilation.
  • Measures 2.5" (6cm)  diametre and 1.5" (4 cm) D


A thin felt surface saver to stick to the end of the magnet latch keys (see CD1 & CD19K). This pad prevents the appearance of wear, especially on wood finish surfaces, at the spot where you rub the "keys". With these pads in place, make sure the key is always out of reach and that little ones never put the key in their mouths.(6/sheet)


Keep the children from playing with the buttons on your home theatre or large T.V.'s (screen 32" and wider) with this black clear plastic cover strip. Fixes to the front of the unit with a unique hook and loop fastener which requires adult strength and dexterity to remove. The remote still works. 10"L x 1"H


Just what the name says a "Super Yard". Twice the size of regular play pens this 6 paneled enclosure creates a large (18 1/2 sq ft) safe place to play. Specially designed hinge points allow for easy folding but no place for fingers to get pinched. Lightweight and portable, it comes with a convenient carrying strap. Great to use at home, when visiting or outdoors. An additional 2 panel section can be added to increase the area to 34.4 sq. ft.


Imported from Europe, this extra long automatically-locking latch (3 1/2") and adapter pieces makes it easier to reach and unlatch when installed in newer cupboard systems or where there is a large counter overhang. Also helpful as lock for solid wood doors, giving adults easy access from both sides.


This plexi-like, heat resistant, smoked- black shield extends out at an angle from the stove to make it difficult for a child to reach up and around to touch hot pots, burners or utensils on the stove.

  • Fixes to the front side or top surface with special high temperature adhesive.
  • Usefull for all stoves but also around the busy cook tops in islands and stove units with one side open to a passageway.
  • Consists of 3 panels which slide on eachother to adjust to fit 24" to 36" wide stoves. 
  • One in Stock






























Keep children from playing with the stove knobs with these clear plastic covers. They fit over the knobs and shut out access for curious little hands.

  • The clear hinged lid gives convenient adult access.
  • Blends with surroundings and is heat resistant.
  • To put the backing plate in place, you need to be able to remove the knobs from their stems and therefore would not work on gas commercial style stoves.
  • They fit over knobs up to 2.5 inches wide.
  • Package contains 5 covers. (4 burner and 1 oven control)
  • Comes in Clear Charcoal or Clear

The original two piece, automatically-locking latch is made of durable nylon. There are latches which copy this look but are not as sturdy. This one lasts for years. Easiest latch to work for drawer systems where drawers fit into the slots of the wooden frame. Locking part has low profile, making it possible to put the drawer back in after it is installed. Good where other latches give too much space to open and little hands could get in. Opens 1 3/4 ".


Similar to the Standard Latch, these latches can be disengaged when not needed by simply turning 90 degrees.


This side-by-side latch locks two cupboard doors together by clamping around two knobs or handles positioned within 5 1/4 "of eachother. Has Safety First SecureTech™ indicator that lets you know when it's locked. Remove the latch with a coordinated push of two buttons on either side. Similar looking, less costing products can be of hazardously poor quality, which children can pull open. Does not work on drawers. You must remember to put it back on every time after use and for this reason auto locking internal latches (as seen below) are the safer choice. There needs to be a neck or stem to the knob for this latch to be able to fit and stay on.


Inside, automatically-locking latch which prevents closing back on fingers. The unique "Trap-Slot" avoids pinching when children try to get in but slides through when an adult closes the door. Allows opening of about an inch. Open ATTACHMENT file below for more details and installation instructions.


Allow your little one the independence of being able to feed themselves fresh foods without the worry of them biting off a chunk and choking on it. Your baby sucks or gums on the sturdy nylon mesh bag which is securely fastened to a dishwasher safe holder. Ring shape of the holder makes for easy handling and little hands. Use also when baby is teething by putting frozen cubes of juice or water in the Feeder's bag. U.S. FDA approved, this feeder was invented by a concerned Dad. made with no Latex, PVC or Phthalates. Wash in the dishwasher. Purchase replacement bags to always have a clean bag available. Dispose of the bag when there a signs of wear. This starter kit ensures you always have a feeder which is clean and ready to use. Comes with two complete feeders and 2 replacement bags. Terrific original baby gift.


There are different types of appliance locks but this one we find best for the refrigerator. It opens with a flip of a thumb making it easier to get in and out of a place which is opened so many times a day. It installs with durable adhesive and relocks itself as you close the door. Available in clear.


Sturdy WHITE metal guard fixes easily to to existing screws of standard ranges.30.25"W front, 10"sides x 5"H


These outlet inserts are larger than others and so less of a choking hazard if left out.

  • Made of a very rigid plastic there is no flexing of the edges around the circumference. This makes it harder for little fingers to try and pry them out.
  • The ergonomic pinch grip needs adult dexerity to remove.

Down at their level, children find electrical cords plugged into the socket something to go after, just because they are there. 

This Twin Door Outlet Cover keeps electrical plugs and AC adapters tucked away and out of your child's reach. The Twin Door Outlet Cover has side-by-side doors with a two-button release, toddlers can't open but adults can. One press-in button is on the top and the over is 6.5" away underneath on the bottom. The two step coordinated action to open the doors is not something little people are able to do. This outlet cover fits either standard and Decora outlets. 

  • Hides electrical plugs and AC adapters and keeps them out of your child's reach.
  • Modern, twin door design.
  • Converts to Standard and Decora outlets.
  • Inside dimensions measure 5.61L" x 3.28W" x 2.84D".
  • Outside dimensions measure 6.5L" x 4W" x 3.5D"
  • See ATTACHMENT below for details about installation.
  • White in colour, 

This appliance latch allows parents to make a choice to set it to lock or not. Convenient for appliances such as the refridgerator where you might be often going in and out, at different times of the day. Helpful for homes of family members, such as grandparents where you regularly visit. While there, the lock can be activated and undone when you leave. Works best where the two surfaces i.e. the side and the door of a fridge, you are using are flush with each other. Available in white or charcoal.


Place these furniture cups under the castors of furniture on wheels, i.e.cribs or microwave stands to prevent children from moving them around. 4 in set, 2" x 2".


To prevent the crib or other pieces of furniture (microwave stand) on wheels from traveling, place these furniture cups under their casters. 2.25" diametre.


This one-way lock is a gem for closets and doors which swing into the room, such as the basement door.

  • Much better looking than a hook and eye or surface bolts screwed onto the front of doors, this lock screws into the inside of the door jam, putting no holes in the surface of the door.
  • Opening and closing this lock is a simple flip of the metal flap on its hinge.
  • Needs a 1/8" of clearance between the door and frame to fit.
  • Should not be used for doors that would be needed for opening from the other side or for fire escape.
  • Use on the inside garage, balcony, and front doors for added security and keep the burgulars out too. 

Open ATTACHMENT below for more detailed information and installation instructions.





Buckle around your waist and out you go prepared if someone should fall and skin their knee. Water-resistant, this kit is useful for cycling, hiking or caregivers taking children out to the park. contents include.... 1 scissor, 25 plastic strips, 5 2" x 2" gauze 5 3" x 3" gauze 1 gauze roller bandage 2" x 15' 1 gauze roller bandage 3" x 15' 1 1/2"x 15' adhesive tape 2 triangular bandages 1 2" pressure bandage 1 4" pressure bandage 4 knuckle bandages 2 finger tip bandages 8 antiseptic wipes 1 pr gloves.


sold through Red Cross web site