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Discounted  - Was $74.95


This convenient travel bed offers peace of mind to parents out and about with kids.  A lightweight mesh surround provides increased air flow while a large front zipper panel makes access to your child effortless.  The Micro-Lite sleeping pad comes firmly secured to the outer bottom of the PeaPod with snaps, but is easily removable for cleaning or packing.   The PeaPod also has great features for outdoor use including UV protection and anchor straps. Small and light enough, this handy bed fits inside carry-on size luggage, making it GREAT for trips without having to check bags!  When not in use, the PeaPod quickly folds for storage inside its own bag making it perfect for short visits or long trips.

Open Dimensions:

46"L x 28"W x 18"H

Storage Bag Dimensions:

16.5"L x 3"W x 16.5"H

Designed for use with children 1-3 years old

DO NOT place sleeping pad inside PeaPod. Sleeping pad should be placed in the pocket under the floor of the product and secured with snaps. Use only the sleeping pad provided by the manufacturer. NEVER add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding. Infants have suffocated in gaps between extra padding and on soft bedding. 

OPEN WITH CARE-When removing PeaPod from storage bag, use caution as it automatically flips open rapidly when the safety strap is removed.

DO NOT leave child unattended while zippered inside.
The PeaPod does not offer complete sun protection.



Add this extension to either size of the Safe Edge Kits or use when you do not have corners to the surface you would like to pad.

54" strip.


Surround the edge of your raised fireplace hearth with this closed-cell foam padding and protect your little ones from the rough, hard and sharp corners.

  • Closed-cell foam is denser than foam padding normally found in hardware stores and therefore provides more cushioning and is less likely to be picked at or chewed.
  • The pad measures 2.1/4" across the top and 2 1/4" on the drop down.
  • Kit consists of one 48 inch strip and 2 pre-fab corners, 6" x 9".
  • Will fit fireplace ranging up to 60" wide with 9" depth or 66" wide and 6" deep.
  • Can be cut with a bread knife to fit any size in between. 
  • Padding fixes with attached adhesive and will stick to brick, stone, ceramic, or marble.
  • For wider fireplaces see SCK12 SafeEdge - 150" or  use the 54" extension, SCK12P.
  • Choose BROWN, GRAY or BLACK.

Our Wood Bannister Hole-Free Gate Mount Kit allows you to create a flat, secure surface to put up a baby safety gate without damaging your wooden posts.

  • Kit consists of 2 Clamps and 1 Gate Mount. (1" D x 2" W (actual planed size 3/4"D x 1 1/2"W)  x 36" strip of wood 
  • One Clamp is clamped to the post near the top and another near the bottom. They are joined by screwing a Gate Mount to the outside of the clamp
  • The two pieces of wood are pulled straight across from eachother so consequentlly do not dent the posts as other strapping clamping devices may do. 
  • They are custom made to fit whatever size you give us.
  • They can be stained to better blend with the look of your banister post or left natural for you to stain yourself.
  • This solid wood clamp works with square posts.
  • Let us know the width of your posts by filling in the section "Order Comments"  in the order form and we will provide you with the right sized clamp. There will be added charge for clamps wider than 4.5".
  •  Extends 1.5 inches out from the point where the clamp is touching your post.

Comes in UNSTAINED, (picture portrays Kit stained BROWN), or stained  WHITE, BLACK or BROWN  

For the purpose of naming a colour in a box,., Brown is shown on the web site. However we do custom stain a few variations of typical wood colours found in railings. Send a picture of your wood work and we will do our best to use something similar. Also send a picture of the gate you plan to use. There are a few gates, typically retractable, whose fixtures may not blend with this Kit and different arrangements would be necessary.

Made to your measurements, these clamps are not returnable.



Discounted - Was $69.95

This Hearth Guard provides padding for the sharp edges of fireplaces without using adhesives.

  • Made of non toxic, flame retardant foam, it fixes in place by use of an internal straping system.
  • Fits hearths up to 8 feet long and requires 2 right angle sides for the tension system to work.
  • Padding covers 2 inches over the top and 2 inches down the side.
  • Removes easily and great for places like grandparents homes where the padding does not need to be up all the time.

GRAY only. 


A terrifically unique automatically-relocking latch, created by a professional babyproofer to fill a void in what was available to latch problematic drawers. Thanks Jeff.

Wonder Latch II solves many installation challenges particularly in drawers where there is no cross-brace framing between drawers. Its small size and footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces.

  • Mounts in three different ways for versatility.
  • Can be mounted facing up, facing sideways or facing down.



Invented my moms, this product is great solution to a safety and nuisance problem.

  • It is a clamping device which prevents children and pets from being able to unroll the toilet paper but gives adults easy access.
  • It reduces the risk that babies put pieces of paper in their mouth and saves time, effort, paper, money and the environment.
  • Fits most standard toilet paper holders. 2 / package

The toilet is locked for sure with this sturdy fixture.

  • It fixes in place by being inserted under the bolts which already hold the lid and seat to the bowl. (check to see if you have access to unscrew these bolts)
  • Adults open by coordinating the push of a button and swinging the locking arm to the side.
  • It automatically relocks when the lid is lowered.
  • Fits most toilets and over padded or fabric covered seats.
  • See ATTACHMENT below for details about installation.



Get a handle on bathroom safety with this bathtub and shower handle. With all the new fancy larger tubs today, there is virtually nothing to grab onto to help get in or out. This easy to install grip gives both parent and child something to hold onto. Toddlers can enter a wet and slippery tub safely. Simply press the tab levers to securely attach. Can be used on shower walls too. To remove ... just flip the tabs. A good idea for elderly members of the family as well.

111/2"L x 4"W x 3 1/2"D.


Surround the edge of your raised fireplace hearth with this closed-cell foam padding and protect your little ones from the rough or hard surfaces and sharp corners.

  • Closed-cell foam is denser than foam padding normally found in hardware stores and therefore provides more cushioning and is less likely to be picked at or chewed.
  • The pad measures 2 1/4" across the top and 2 1/4" on the drop down.
  • Kit consists of three 30 inch strips and 2 pre-fab corners, 20" x 10".
  • Will fit fireplace ranging up to 130 inches wide with 10" depth or 110" wide and 20" deep.
  • Can be cut with a bread knife to fit any size in between. 
  • Padding fixes with attached adhesive and will stick to brick, stone, ceramic, or marble.
  • For smaller fireplaces see SCK16 or to extend width see 54" extension, SCK12P.
  •  BROWN

There are different types of appliance locks but this one we find best for the refrigerator. It opens with a flip of a thumb making it easier to get in and out of a place which is opened so many times a day. It installs with durable adhesive and relocks itself as you close the door. Available in clear.


Children often find electrical cords plugged into the wall something down at their level which they go after just because they are there.

  • This box-like cover snaps to a template frame screwed over your existing outlet plate.
  • It locks in, up to two plugs inserted in the sockets so a child is not able to pull them out.
  • Good for those small appliances with basic plugs, like lamps which are always plugged.
  • Not large enough to cover bulky or thick large appliance or power bar type plugs.
  • Depth of box is 2 inches
  • Only works on single centre screw outlet plates and available in WHITE.
  • See Outlet Cover - xlrg EA6, if you have two screw Decora plates.

This appliance latch allows parents to make a choice to set it to lock or not. Convenient for appliances such as the refridgerator where you might be often going in and out, at different times of the day. Helpful for homes of family members, such as grandparents where you regularly visit. While there, the lock can be activated and undone when you leave. Works best where the two surfaces i.e. the side and the door of a fridge, you are using are flush with each other. Available in white or charcoal.


This toilet lock clamps to the inside ledge of the toilet bowl.

  • It is unlocked by coordinating the movement of two separated tabs on either side of the the locking fixture.
  • You swing it down to the side and relocks automatically once you return to the upright position.
  • Will work if there is padded or fabric lid covers.

 3"W x 5" H x 5"D


This inflatable tub helps to make the transition to the big, hard tub a little less intimidating.

  • Contoured head rest makes lying back to rinse hair more comfortable and keep soap out of eyes.
  • When not in use, the tub has a suction cup to allow you to stick it up onto the tiles out of the way.
  • Saves the environment through use of less water.
  • Deflate and it is an easy portable bath to bring when visiting.
  • Also a nice baby-sized splash pool for hot summer days.

 32"L x 21"W outside inflated, inside 24"L x 14W


Hook and Loop fasteners are sturdier velcro-like strips to attach the Edge Kushion SCK9E to fireplace hearths or ceramic tile surfaces surrounding bathtubs. Adheres well even in dampness of a bathroom. (24 strips - 2" L x 1" wide)


This is the most economical kit to cover the sharp edges of a raised hearth.

  • Covers 2 inches over the top and 1 inch down the side.
  • Kit consists of two corners, 4.5" x 10" and one strip 6ft long.
  • Adheres to brick, stone, marble etc. with hook and loop adhesive strips (provided) for strong attachment.
  • For longer length or hearths not needing corners See Edge Cushioning - 6ft SCK9E.
  • Choose BLACK, BROWN (taupe as in picture no longer available).

For security Mounted Gates need to be installed to studs or to solid wooden surfaces. They also are easier and safer to install where there is a flat surface particularly on the hinge side. Gate Mounts are strips of wood (36"H x 1 1/2"W x 3/4" D) which help you create the flat and sturdy surfaces to install gates safely to walls where you do not have a stud or need to work around a baseboard molding.

  • Kit comes with anchor hardware for walls where there are no studs.
  • You can mount the wood directly to the wall as seen or cut a spacer block from it to help you extend out to create a level surface outside the baseboard moldings at the floor.
  • The full Wall Gate Mount length is safer than just a block wood spacer behind the top fixture becuase it keeps the space between the last rung of the gate and the wall consistant. A spacer creates an wider space that could be an entrapment hazard,
  • Gate Mounts install with two holes. Most Mounted Gate hardware involves 4 screws for each side so they help to have less repair work when finished with the gate.
  • Whenever you put up a gate, it never goes up right the first time. The gate mount allows you drill as many holes as you need to adjust the gate properly without worrying about added holes.
  • See ATTACHMENT below for installation information.

Choose NATURAL (unstained wood) or stained WHITE / BLACK / BROWN (add $4.00)

HANDLING FEE: Babysecure provides these Gate Mounting Fixtures as a service to help our clients who buy our gates. There is an additional Handling Fee if you purchase this item without buying a Babysecure gate.


GMw, GMwh, GMb

Discounted - Was $15.50

A very handy thing to have around when you are out with a little one who is or beginning to be potty trained.

  • It folds up into a compact carrying plastic bag (7.5"x6"x2") which you can tuck into a purse or back pack before you go out.
  • There are rubber pads and hooks at the front edge to give stability.
  • Recommended upper weight range is 40 lb.



This book is the manual supporting the Red Cross Standard First and Emergency First Aid courses. All you need to know about first aid procedures and techniques. 

Babysecure is not permitted to be a reseller of this manual. It is displayed on our site to give you reference of where to find an excellent resource for First Aid information.




• 2 gauze pads 5 cm x 5 cm (2 in x 2 in)
• 5 antiseptic towelettes
• 1 proviodine swab
• 4 alcohol swabs
• 2 insect sting relief swabs
• 10 plastic adhesive bandages
• 2 fingertip bandages
• 2 knuckle bandages
• 1 first aid instruction card
• 2 adhesive patch bandages 5 cm x 7.5 cm (2 in x 2 in)
• 1 conform bandage
• 1 roll of adhesive tape
• 1 pair of nitrile examination gloves
• 1 pair of tweezers
• 1 pair of scissors
• 12 safety pins

Weight: 0.25 kg   Width: 13 cm   Height: 5 cm   Depth: 9 cm



sold through Red Cross web site



 This Kit measures 27 x 19 x 6 cm. Open zipper on 3 sides and it opens like a book, displaying contents in pockets on both sides for quick and easy veiwing. Includes (may vary slightly from picture)......

  • bio-barrier face shield,
  • 1 pr gloves
  • 1 blunt end scissors,
  • 1 tweezers,
  • 1 conform bandage 2",
  • 1 conform bandage 3",
  • 6 alcolhol towelettes,
  • 1 triangular bandage w/safety pins,
  • 1 micropore tape 1/2" x 10 yds,
  • 12 adhesive strips,
  • 2 knuckle bandages,
  • 2 fingertip bandages, 1 pair of gloves,
  • 3 gauze pads 2"x 2",
  • 3 gauze pads 3"x 3",
  • 3 gauze pads 4"x 4",
  • 1 pressure Bandage 4",
  • 1 disposable pen lite,
  • 3 insect sting relief sachets,
  • 2 oval eye pads,
  • 1 injury report booklet,
  • 1 emisis bag,
  • 1 pencil.

sold through Red Cross web site


CPR/AED This manual is designed to be used as the support training tool for the Red Cross CPR / AED (Automated External Defibulator) courses. It is fully illustrated and provides step by step instruction for basic life support procedures (i.e. first aid for choking or cardiac arrest emergencies) and how to use an automated external defibrillator .

Babysecure is not permitted to be a reseller of this manual. It is displayed on our site to give you reference of where to find an excellent resource for First Aid information.




This book is designed to be an easy reading guide for parents and caregivers to gain a wide range of information about how to handle childhood emergencies and any first aid topic. The best thing to get the guided practise in first aid techniques would be to take the EMERGENCY CHILDCARE FIRST AID COURSE which uses this manual for reference. Until you find the time to do so, you can read up on a wide variety of topics like what to do from life threatening choking incidents or the best way to treat a simple cut, The last chapters of the book have information about childhood diseases and a range of safety information about the home and the outdoors. 161 pages.

Babysecure is not permitted to be a reseller of this manual. It is displayed on our site to give you reference of where to find an excellent resource for First Aid information.




This guard clamps to the handles of standard bifold or hinged fireplace doors, which open out from eachother. It keeps children from playing inside or pinching fingers. Two black, sturdy metal bars fasten together, top and bottom over horizontal handles with hex screws and a wrench, provided. For the bars to clamp on the handles need to be a U-shape with hallow centre and extend out from the fireplace door about 1 inch.  Fits handles 5" to 9" apart.


Plastic shield with gauze breathing filter protects you from direct contact when performing CPR techniques. Folds up flat and convenient to have with you at all times stored in a wallet or pocket of a purse.


Extends Safeway gate to fit openings up to 66". Manufacturer recommends only on extension. Same extension is used to add to the Elongate. Use as many as you need to fit the space you want to block. Available black.


4" extension to the Wood Auto Swing Back Gate. Up to 4 additional panels extends the gate to fit openings 48".


This extension increases the width of the Deluxe Angle-Mount Wood Safety Gate to allow you to fit openings from 42 1/2" to 60."
ADD ONE EXTENSION for openings 42 1/2" to 51 1/2" Wide
ADD TWO EXTENSIONS for openings 51" to 60" Wide


Extension adds two x 24" panels to metal 3 in 1 gate increasing play area by 19 square ft. • Increases your 5-panel barrier to a 7-panel barrier to a maximum width of 168.8" (4.3m) 


Keep little ones from playing with the buttons and the disc drawer of the DVD or stereo systems by covering with this clear plastic, rigid shield. As the manufacturer says, enjoy your movies without the "special effects" of todays "little directors." Fixes to the top with a unique hook and loop fastener which requires adult strength and dexterity to remove. Remote will still work. Measure your equipment, you may find the VCR Guard or TV guard more appropriate in size. 17"W x 3.25"H x 2.25"D


This small plate screws to the upper inside back of the drawer and will catch to the cabinet frame if the draw is pulled all the way out. Prevents drawers, with no stops, (typically antique or older pieces) from being completely pulled out and falling on top of a child or their toes. Excellent for shallow drawers with heavy contents such as cutlery or junk drawers with tools. A safety item for the adults in the family as well.