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Outlet Safety Plate

Outlet  Safety Plate

Go Green, save money and be safe with these outlet covers.

  • They replace your current outlet plates and cover the holes into which children find interesting to try and poke small, pointy, often metal objects.
  • By covering the holes, they also block the drafts which come from and around your outlet box. This helps to reduce on heating costs.
  • Instead of trying to keep track of those caps which you take in and out of the outlets or discover you have a little one who pulls them out, this plate is easier to use.
  • Always screwed in place, you have quick access to plugging and unplugging. Just slide the shutter door to the right and push in. If a child pulls on a cord which is plugged in the outlet, the door snaps back covering the holes.
  • It sounds so easy, you think a child could do it, but the spring is tight and needs adult strength and fine motor coordination to perform the two step action.
  • The Shock Plate covers the exposed dark hole which attracts children to outlets in the first place.
  • Our plate is manufactured by a proffessional babyproofer and is a quarter of an inch taller and wider than other similar products. This helps to cover contractor gauges in the wallboard and painting flaws around the electrical box opening. 
  • Choose WHITE , IVORY or BROWN
  •  Select apropriate Type STANDARD (one screw outlet plate) or DECORA (two screw outlet plates)

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