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Outlet Cover x-lrg

Outlet Cover           x-lrg

Down at their level, children find electrical cords plugged into the socket something to go after, just because they are there. 

This Twin Door Outlet Cover keeps electrical plugs and AC adapters tucked away and out of your child's reach. The Twin Door Outlet Cover has side-by-side doors with a two-button release, toddlers can't open but adults can. One press-in button is on the top and the over is 6.5" away underneath on the bottom. The two step coordinated action to open the doors is not something little people are able to do. This outlet cover fits either standard and Decora outlets. 

  • Hides electrical plugs and AC adapters and keeps them out of your child's reach.
  • Modern, twin door design.
  • Converts to Standard and Decora outlets.
  • Inside dimensions measure 5.61L" x 3.28W" x 2.84D".
  • Outside dimensions measure 6.5L" x 4W" x 3.5D"
  • See ATTACHMENT below for details about installation.
  • White in colour, 
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