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Latches Sampler

Latches Sampler
Latches Sampler

Find it hard to figure out which latch to choose from? We do not blame you. It took Babysecure years to discover how and where the many different types of inside, automatically-locking latches worked best. Also new ones are put out on the market all the time. No description on a package or web site could begin to give an understanding of something so 3 dimensional in nature. In our experience installing in hundreds of homes, it is rare that one type of latch is suitable for all the different cupboards and drawers within one home. Choosing the right latch for fit and ease of use can only be done by trying them out. To help you in this process, Babysecure has put together a sample pack of the 6 latches we work with,

  • Spring, CD2
  • Swivel, CD4sw
  • Safe Lok, CD6
  • Super, CD3
  • Standard, CD4s
  • Wonder Latch II CD8.

All have different features which might make them more appropriate in different places i.e. pinch or no-pinch, deactivation. They are, as all our products, pre selected as the ones which are the most durable. Take this opportunity to see one of each, read their instructions, try them out and make a decision. Return the whole package or just the ones you find do not fit and get a Babysecure credit towards the purchase of the ones you will need. Another approach can be that you send photos of the cupboards and drawers you want to lock  contact us  and we can make suggestions.


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