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Cord Channel

Cord Channel

Cover up those unsightly cords and prevent babies from pulling or teething on electrical wires, by fastening them along the floor, baseboards, or walls. Cover the cord hanging down from the wall phone or lengths of wires attached to speakers and audio visual systems.

  • These 40"L x .5"W white plastic strips will enclose up to two regular electrical wires and sticks to any flat surface with double-sided tape.
  • It can be cut with household utility scissors to fit the lengths you need.
  • Channels come white in colour but can be painted to match the colour of your walls.


The channels are too long for Canada Post shipping and an order including them will not process well with the shopping cart. Please send us the list of items in your shopping cart through the Contact Us page with your postal code and we will get back to you with the shipping quote.



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