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Magnetic Latch

 Magnetic Latch

Next to magical, wave a knob-shaped "key" in your the front of your closed cupboard drawers or doors and presto, they unlock. The Magnet Latch is popular for its ease of installation and less need for making holes on the inside of the cupboard.

  • It can be installed inside cupboard doors and some drawers with adhesvie but may need a few small screws to keep it secure. It will depend on the surface and the force which is used on it.
  • Built-in attached mounting tabs and guides make this latch the easiest to install.
  • It avoids children's fingers getting pinched as well as keeping them out.
  • Waving the Key on the outside of the door across from where the latch is installed inside avoids  directly touching the outside of the cabinet door, saving it from rub marks which will show over time. 
  • Keep the key (sold separately, see CD19k)  up high out of reach on any metal surface, fridge, overn hood, screw of a light switch.
  • Key also comes with a convenient holder to allow the Key to be stuck to any surface for quick and easy access.
  • This latch is the solution for many cupboards where standard latches do not give you enough room to reach in to unlock. 
  • Adhesive works best on clean, smooth surfaces.
  • It has a convenient switch which allows you to undo the locking mechanism if you are busy in the kitchen or visitors come to cook.
  • Excellent for grandparents homes where the latch can be set to lock when the grand kids are over and unlock when they leave.

This is the preferred latch of our clients when Babysecure installs for them. There are two parts the latch and in our experience what works best is to screw in the catch piece. It is put up underneath part of the frame where no one would ever notice the screw holes. The latching part on the cabinet door does not require the large hole as competitor magnet latches. The lock will work in upright position only and may not be suitable for many stacked drawers. In some cases a special adaptor could help. Send us some pictures of your drawers and we can advise.

See Attachment file below for installation instructions.

Also available in set of  4 latches and 1 key

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