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Kitchen Safety

The All-Purpose Adjustable Safety Strap by Safety InnovationsTM has many different uses.

  • Works on appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, dryers, file cabinets and mirrored or glass doors.
  • Easy to install-no tools needed.
  • Mounts with adhesive to flat surfaces and around corners.
  • Adjusts from 6 3/4" to 9 1/2" long (overall length).
  • Push button release unlocks latch. 
  • Opaque strap with Black (B) or White (W) latch.

This oven lock secures the door of your oven closed.

  • It fixes with adhesive to the inside upper edge of the oven door frame.
  • A metal hinged flap drops down over the front to the door.
  • To open there is a two-step fine motor slide-to-one-side, then lift, action which is a challenge for little people.
  • Not recommended to be in place when using the self cleaning feature of the stove. 
  • Works with most styles of ovens.
  • white (gray switch/white frame) 


This lock secures front loading washers and dryers to keep kids from climbing in. Just press button and turn to release and lock. If your washer or dryer door is accidentally left open, it prevents the door from locking. A special indicator lets you know it's in the locked position. Removable spacer accommodates different door widths. Mounts with heavy-duty adhesive.


This plexi-like, heat resistant, smoked- black shield extends out at an angle from the stove to make it difficult for a child to reach up and around to touch hot pots, burners or utensils on the stove.

  • Fixes to the front side or top surface with special high temperature adhesive.
  • Usefull for all stoves but also around the busy cook tops in islands and stove units with one side open to a passageway.
  • Consists of 3 panels which slide on eachother to adjust to fit 24" to 36" wide stoves. 






























Keep children from playing with the stove knobs with these clear plastic covers. They fit over the knobs and shut out access for curious little hands.

  • The clear hinged lid gives convenient adult access.
  • Blends with surroundings and is heat resistant.
  • To put the backing plate in place, you need to be able to remove the knobs from their stems and therefore would not work on gas commercial style stoves.
  • They fit over knobs up to 2.5 inches wide.
  • Package contains 5 covers. (4 burner and 1 oven control)
  • Comes in Clear Charcoal or Clear

Allow your little one the independence of being able to feed themselves fresh foods without the worry of them biting off a chunk and choking on it. Your baby sucks or gums on the sturdy nylon mesh bag which is securely fastened to a dishwasher safe holder. Ring shape of the holder makes for easy handling and little hands. Use also when baby is teething by putting frozen cubes of juice or water in the Feeder's bag. U.S. FDA approved, this feeder was invented by a concerned Dad. made with no Latex, PVC or Phthalates. Wash in the dishwasher. Purchase replacement bags to always have a clean bag available. Dispose of the bag when there a signs of wear. This starter kit ensures you always have a feeder which is clean and ready to use. Comes with two complete feeders and 2 replacement bags. Terrific original baby gift.


There are different types of appliance locks but this one we find best for the refrigerator. It opens with a flip of a thumb making it easier to get in and out of a place which is opened so many times a day. It installs with durable adhesive and relocks itself as you close the door. Available in clear.


Sturdy WHITE metal guard fixes easily to to existing screws of standard ranges.30.25"W front, 10"sides x 5"H


This appliance latch allows parents to make a choice to set it to lock or not. Convenient for appliances such as the refridgerator where you might be often going in and out, at different times of the day. Helpful for homes of family members, such as grandparents where you regularly visit. While there, the lock can be activated and undone when you leave. Works best where the two surfaces i.e. the side and the door of a fridge, you are using are flush with each other. Available in white or charcoal.