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Wall Saver

Wall Saver

People usually choose pressure gates because they think they will not damage their walls as much as the gates which need to be screwed into the wall. In fact, this is not true. Because Pressure Gates are not fixed, they move and always result in scuffing the paint. In most cases chunks of paint will come off when the gate is removed. Some people even create dents in their walls when they turn the pressure pads tight.

These Wall Savers have a non-skid surface which covers a 4 1/4" diametre surface and "saves" you this damage.  The wider surface spreads pressure over ten times the area of the safety gate's original pads. This larger pressure point makes installation much more stable and so reduces the movement.

Wall Savers also help with fit where there are baseboard moldings. When you mount Walk Through Pressure Gates to walls with baseboards the width is smaller at the bottom than at the top of the gate. The pressure pads of the gates fit inside the Wall Saver's recessed "well" ( 1 5/8"W). The well positions the pad 5/8" out from the wall (similar to the depth of most moldings) then equalizing the distance at the top of the gate to the bottom. This is excellent to make the gate work when the difference in measurement between the top and the bottom of the gate finds you would have needed to add a gate extension for the top but not for the bottom.  

NOTE: The Wall Savers are used only with the top two pressure pads of the gate. (The lower pads of the gates are generally put against stronger baseboard moldings and are close to the floor . The Wall Savers are too wide to fit for the bottom pads.)

2/pkg, white in colour

Babysecure provides these Gate Mounting Fixtures as a service to clients who buy our gates. The Wall Savers are sold with orders including a Walk Through gate. There is an additional handling fee if you buy without a gate/ pkg of Wall Savers. For help choosing the most appropriate gate or  Mounting System forward us some pictures and we can give you the suggestions which would best serve your needs.

SKU: SR12ws

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