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Retractable Safety Gate

Retractable Safety Gate
Retractable Safety Gate

This Retractable Baby Safety Gate helps keep your baby safe and comes with two sets of mounting fixtures which allow you to easily move the gate between two different locations.

    • Fits narrowest of openings and expands to fit wider openings up to 55"/140cm.and is 35"H.
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
    • Works in doorways, hallways and on stairs.
    • Sturdy and durable mesh.
    • Space efficient, it retracts out of the way when not in use.
    • UV protected.
    • Comes with mounting template for easy installation.
    • Can only be used at top of stairs if it can be placed 6" back from the edge of the top stair.
    • Can be mounted within the door frame or on the outside.
    • Comes with mounting template to make installation easier.
    • Opens with a push down and turn a dial at the top of the hinge casing, then unhook from fixtures on opposite side.
    • Retracting sound can be avoided by keeping the dial depressed as you let it to roll back.
    • For help to when mounting to uneven surfaces with baseboards, you can purchase spacers (sold seperately). See ATTACHMENT below for more installation details. 
    • See how to install
    • While shown in White only Black available.
    • one in STOCK


srretractable_gatedb.pdf5.5 MB

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