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Furniture Safety

Soft shape conforms to table corners and has a round shape from all angles.

Sloping down to the three surfaces means there is no raised edge which makes it easier for children to grab and pull off.

Clear gel blends with home decor.

Easy to install and remove with adhesive.

covers 1 inch from the point of the corner into the top surface 

4 in pkg


The Pro Anti-Tip Furniture/Flat Screen TV Safety Strap protects babies and tots from furniture and TV tip-overs. 

  • Secures heavy furniture and your flat screen TV to furniture or the wall.
  • Professional quality materials, no plastic parts.
  • Made of metal and heavy-duty polypropylene webbing.
  • Extra long strap.
  • Metal cam lock buckle.
  • Easier to install than all other style straps.
  • Just pull up on strap to tighten.
  • Requires two straps for most large pieces of furniture and for each TV.
  • Available in White or Black.
  • For details about installation, see ATTACHMENT file below
  • Comes 2/pkg.

​see ATTACHMENT below for more details about installation.


These safety straps help prevent your flat screen TV from falling over.

  • Made of durable nylon webbing with heavy-duty plastic brackets that screw into the VESA (used for wall mounting) screw threads in the back of any flat screen TV. 
  • Secure  the other end of the strap either to furniture or wall studs.
  • Kit comes with two straps for each TV.


Install this TV Lock to secure your flat screen TV to the wall and prevent the set from moving forward, backward or tipping over. The locking bar extends 6" to 20" from the wall and pivots left to right for the perfect viewing angle. Fits a 32" to 60" flat screen television and attaches to the VESA mount holes located on the back of the set. Supports televisions up to 100 lbs.


This elasticized pad made of a unique nylon reinforced polyurethane material is non toxic and flame retardant. Fits around circular or angled tables. Extra foam pads inserts are provided for added protection at the corners. Made from a non-porous material to help reduce absorption of bacteria and easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Does not need adhesives to stay on and is quickly removed when guests come over. Very popular for grandparents and the occasional visits to their home.

Available in NATURAL or BLACK.


Measure circumference to confirm appropriate size.

  • END TABLE (small 60" - 140" ) 

Made of strong nylon webbing these anchor straps fasten furniture to the wall.

  • They prevent such items as wall units, decorative plant stands and bookselves from falling on top of a child that attempts to pull up or climb on them.
  • Sturdy plastic brackets screw into the back of the unit and into studs in the wall.
  • A notch in the furniture side bracket allows for convenient removal of the strap if there is need to move or clean underneath.
  • If there are metal bars to the furniture piece, remove the furniture bracket, loop the strap around the bar and fasten it back to the wall bracket.
  • Use 2 straps per unit and more if it is wider the 4 feet.  
  • comes 2 pkg



This closed cell foam Corner Pad  for sharp corners sticks on with two sided tape which is provided.

  • It measures 1 inch over the top, 1 inch down and extends 2.5 inches along both sides.
  • It is our experience that stick-on corners are hit and miss as to how well or long they stay on. 
  • A good deal has to do with needing to thoroughly wash and dry the surface before you put them on.
  • Some children seem to be attracted to the new small thing on the corner and just pluck them off.
  • You can always try and see if your child is not interested.
  • One idea might be that you have some spare two-sided tape always available to replace the adhesive to restick the corner again.
  • Another strategy may be to pad more than just the corners by surrounding the whole piece of furniture with Edge Padding, see Edge Pad or Toddler Shields below.