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Auto Close Configure Gate

Auto Close Configure Gate

Please do not rely only on pictures to decide about choosing a gate. Read all the description for details and open installation attachment for more understanding about how the gate works. You can also call and / or send to pictures to Babysecure for help confirming which gate would be the best for your needs.

The Kidco Auto Close ConfigureGate baby safety gate fits wide and unusual shaped areas.

  • Make a straight line or shape it into semicircle, L , U shapes or connect onto itself to be an larger playpen.
  • Use to surround stairs, office desks, gym equipment , divid rooms, or a shape into an L for offset tops of stairs..
  • Doorway within the gate automatically closes and locks. A magnet system pulls the door closed to lock the door section. Doorway will stay open on either side if put at right angles to the gate.
  • Gate can be quickly removed from mounting fixtures, folded on itself and stored. Mounting fixtures are thin plates which will be hardly noticeable if you temporarily want to remove the gate.
  • Door section is 24" with a 18" wide door opening which you can place anywhere in the gate.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Can add optional extensions to make as long as you want or use as a freestanding play area.
  • Basic 3 piece ConfigureGate measures 80" long and consists of 1 x Doorway Panel 24", 2 x 24" panels and 2 x 4" Mounting Fixtures. 
  • Measures 31" high.
  • Available in WHITE or BLACK.
  • Add 9" and 24" Extensions for larger openings to fit whatever width you need.
  • Open ATTACHMENT below for details about the installation of the gate.
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