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Edge Pad

Edge Pad

Not only do they trip and fall against sharp edges of tables, countrers or shelves but little children easily bump into corners of  pillars in the familyroom, corners of islands or suspended counter tops in kitchen. This is because they do not have good peripheral vision. In some homes with low ceiling edges in basements or suspending kitchen cupboards, this padding can even be useful for the grownups in the house to avoid bumping their heads. In our experience surrounding the complete piece of furniture by notching (cut a V into top side) this edge pad to turn the corners is more effective than just putting on corner pads.

  • Pad measures 1 inch on each side of the right angle, matching CORNER PADS, SC1
  • Sold by the linear foot. (4ft square table order 16ft) As it is cut to your measurements, no returns on this product.
  • adhesive tape not provided
  • Choose below BROWN, BLACK, IVORY 


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