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Baby Light

Baby Light

Discounted - Was $9.95

The Baby Light is a compact, portable nightlight which makes night time care of infants and children so much more clearer.

  • It is safer than traditional plug-in night lights where babies find them within easy reach to play with.
  • Traditional lights usually do not provide sufficient light when you are feeding or changing a baby several feet away.
  • For some, nightlights which stay on all the time, do not allow for restfull sleep.
  • Carry the Baby Light provides light where and when you need it.
  • Press the button on the end and the light comes on as the lid pops up.
  • It is slim, (3.5"L x 1.5"W x 1/4" D) lightweight and never even gets warm to the touch.
  • Set it down on any flat surface, clip to a book for reading or carry around like a flashlight.
  • I have even used them as a safer alternative to candles in my pumpkins at Halloween.

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