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Electrical Safety

Safer than traditional night lights, this Guidelight is  easy-to-install, sleek, and energy-efficient design safely transforms your outlet coverplate into a convenient night light. It requires no wires or batteries and leaves all outlets free for use!

  • Sensor turns Guidelight on/off based on current light conditions

  • Our LED lights cost less than 10¢ per year and last 25+ years

  • Install our products in seconds - requires no wires or batteries

  • nothing gets hot or breaks off if it gets knocked

  • make sure to block any unused or cover over any chord plugged in the socket

comes in Standard (one screw) or Decora (two screw) Version



Power Block Cover for Adapters protects tots from in-line adapters with removable AC cords.
Works with notebook computers, printers and other electronic equipment

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Expands from 5" to 7 ¼" long
  • Inside dimensions measure 7.1"L x 2.54"W x 1.56"D



The Cover Plug is a molded, paintable panel that "plugs" into an electrical outlet.

  • It is held securely in place by posts on the back that align with the ground openings. Just press into place without needing tools.
  • The coverPlug can be painted to match your walls and help to make the outlets even more less noticeable. By creating seamless walls, the Cover Plug provides a visual and physical barrier to the outlet.
  • Ideal for outlets you rarely use.
  •  Removable by an adult, but secure enough that a child will not be able to pull it out.
  • This cover encloses standard single row power bars and the large plugs or multiple adapters plugged into them.
  • The cover snaps shut with four child-resistant latches

  • Has a separate compartment door allowing adult access to an on/off switch.
  • Measures 2 1/2" D x 2 1/2" W x 12" L

While not our first choice to block outlets, if you are using those annoyingly difficult to remove inserts, this is a tool you have to get. The WedgEZ is a plastic outlet plug remover which will help you easily and safely remove the protective electrical outlet plugs without damage to walls or the plugs themselves. The unique curved shape creates a prying action which archs the insert away from the outlet. A much safer alternative than using a straight metal tool, such as a screwdriver or knife which can easily slip into the outlet or gauge surfaces. The WedgEZ shapes to your fingers allowing for a sturdy grip. Built-on clips will make WedgEZ easy to snap to your standard vacuum cord for convenient accessibility when you need it. Orange in colour makes it easy to find in the tool drawer. Amazingly removes even the 3 point pinch and push variety of inserts.


This durable, solid construction cover locks in a variety of shapes and sizes of power bars with the large plugs or multiple power adaptors plugged into them. Inside width is 3.25 inches at the base and curves up to a width of 3.5 inches. It can be snapped into an adjustable length ranging from 7 1/2" - to 12" long. Has slots in the back for optional wall mounting.Out of Stock


Go Green, save money and be safe with these outlet covers.

  • They replace your current outlet plates and cover the holes into which children find interesting to try and poke small, pointy, often metal objects.
  • By covering the holes, they also block the drafts which come from and around your outlet box. This helps to reduce on heating costs.
  • Instead of trying to keep track of those caps which you take in and out of the outlets or discover you have a little one who pulls them out, this plate is easier to use.
  • Always screwed in place, you have quick access to plugging and unplugging. Just slide the shutter door to the right and push in. If a child pulls on a cord which is plugged in the outlet, the door snaps back covering the holes.
  • It sounds so easy, you think a child could do it, but the spring is tight and needs adult strength and fine motor coordination to perform the two step action.
  • The Shock Plate covers the exposed dark hole which attracts children to outlets in the first place.
  • Our plate is manufactured by a proffessional babyproofer and is a quarter of an inch taller and wider than other similar products. This helps to cover contractor gauges in the wallboard and painting flaws around the electrical box opening. 
  • Choose WHITE , IVORY or BROWN
  •  Select apropriate Type STANDARD (one screw outlet plate) or DECORA (two screw outlet plates)

These outlet inserts are larger than others and so less of a choking hazard if left out.

  • Made of a very rigid plastic there is no flexing of the edges around the circumference. This makes it harder for little fingers to try and pry them out.
  • The ergonomic pinch grip needs adult dexerity to remove.

Down at their level, children find electrical cords plugged into the socket something to go after, just because they are there. 

This Twin Door Outlet Cover keeps electrical plugs and AC adapters tucked away and out of your child's reach. The Twin Door Outlet Cover has side-by-side doors with a two-button release, toddlers can't open but adults can. One press-in button is on the top and the over is 6.5" away underneath on the bottom. The two step coordinated action to open the doors is not something little people are able to do. This outlet cover fits either standard and Decora outlets. 

  • Hides electrical plugs and AC adapters and keeps them out of your child's reach.
  • Modern, twin door design.
  • Converts to Standard and Decora outlets.
  • Inside dimensions measure 5.61L" x 3.28W" x 2.84D".
  • Outside dimensions measure 6.5L" x 4W" x 3.5D"
  • See ATTACHMENT below for details about installation.
  • White in colour, 

Children often find electrical cords plugged into the wall something down at their level which they go after just because they are there.

  • This box-like cover snaps to a template frame screwed over your existing outlet plate.
  • It locks in, up to two plugs inserted in the sockets so a child is not able to pull them out.
  • Good for those small appliances with basic plugs, like lamps which are always plugged.
  • Not large enough to cover bulky or thick large appliance or power bar type plugs.
  • Depth of box is 2 inches
  • Only works on single centre screw outlet plates and available in WHITE.
  • See Outlet Cover - xlrg EA6, if you have two screw Decora plates.

Children often find electrical cords plugged into the wall something down at their level which they go after just because they are there.

  • This white box-like cover snaps into a replacement outlet plate and stores up to 4 feet of extra appliance cord.
  • It can cover large plugs and smaller AC adaptors ( 1 1/2" W.)
  • Good for places where appliances are permanently plugged in, especially in the case of the particularly dangerous exposed T.V. plugs.
  • Pinch the sides to remove the cover and get at the plug.
  • Fits centre screw, standard outlets only.
  • inside measures 7cmD x 5cmW
  • suitable for regular plugs to fit inside, not adaptors.



Tidy up and cover up the maze of electrical wires around the computer and T.V. with this 1" diametre flexible, plastic hose-like tubing.

  • The cords are slid into a slit along the length of the hose. It can be trimmed with scissors to create the length you need.
  • The kit comes with colour-coded labeling to help you identify which cord is which on either end.
  • Comes in 8FT or 12FT lengths, Choose BLACK or WHITE .



Cover up those unsightly cords and prevent babies from pulling or teething on electrical wires, by fastening them along the floor, baseboards, or walls. Cover the cord hanging down from the wall phone or lengths of wires attached to speakers and audio visual systems.

  • These 40"L x .5"W white plastic strips will enclose up to two regular electrical wires and sticks to any flat surface with double-sided tape.
  • It can be cut with household utility scissors to fit the lengths you need.
  • Channels come white in colour but can be painted to match the colour of your walls.


The channels are too long for Canada Post shipping and an order including them will not process well with the shopping cart. Please send us the list of items in your shopping cart through the Contact Us page with your postal code and we will get back to you with the shipping quote.



Tidy up electrical cords by winding them into this disk-shaped case. It holds up to 8 ft of cord and is held by tension, allowing cords to be pulled out.




If you never use some of your outlets, cover them with a this blank plate and make sure a child can not stick anything in. This blank plate will fit standard and decora outlets.


Discounted - Was $9.95

The Baby Light is a compact, portable nightlight which makes night time care of infants and children so much more clearer.

  • It is safer than traditional plug-in night lights where babies find them within easy reach to play with.
  • Traditional lights usually do not provide sufficient light when you are feeding or changing a baby several feet away.
  • For some, nightlights which stay on all the time, do not allow for restfull sleep.
  • Carry the Baby Light provides light where and when you need it.
  • Press the button on the end and the light comes on as the lid pops up.
  • It is slim, (3.5"L x 1.5"W x 1/4" D) lightweight and never even gets warm to the touch.
  • Set it down on any flat surface, clip to a book for reading or carry around like a flashlight.
  • I have even used them as a safer alternative to candles in my pumpkins at Halloween.