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Door Hinge Cover

Door Hinge Cover
Door Hinge Cover

Children crushing fingers in doorways is one of the leading injuries seen in pediatric emergency rooms. As seen in the picture,  the Finger Alert is hardly noticeable and does not change the look of the home or child care facility.

  • It consists of two transparent, sturdy plastic strips which cover over the gap between the door and the frame on both sides of your door.
  • Fixing with special adhesive, they are flexible enough to allow for full opening and closing of the door.
  • Installs in minutes without requiring tools.
  • Great for home but also for daycares where there can be larger, heavier, sometimes metal doors.
  • For busier public activity centres, a few screws can be added for greater stability.
  • Tested to over 200,000 opening and closing movements, they are very durable, and last for years.
  • Babysecure has used them in daycares, YMCA's and indoor play centres where there is lots of traffic.
  • 47" High, it allows for the door to have a range of motion of 110 degrees.
  • Custom ordered through distributor. Rather than complete an order through the Babysecure shopping cart, please send all ordering information, name, address, postal code, phone,  number ordered. to and you will be contacted about costs of shipping and method of payment.

See use and installation video for more information.

See ATTACHMENT below for added information and installation directions.



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