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November CPR Month

November : CPR month
Seventy per cent of cardiac arrests happen at home.Do you know what to do?
In large urban centres, the average ambulance response time is nine minutes, yet permanent brain damage can occur four to six minutes after breathing stops. For those living with elderly parents or family members who have a history of health problems, first aid training is even more imperative.
Knowing how to provide first aid and CPR can make the difference between full recovery and permanent disability or even death for someone you love.






Test your knowledge : Take our online quiz to test your first aid facts.
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Canadian Red Cross, Quebec Division
 Injury Prevention Services

It only takes a second, are you trained?!

Following a note from a student in a First Aid Course.

"The reason that I am writing to you is to sincerely thank you for your informative course - a course that I honestly hoped that I would never have to put into practice...however, tonight my husband and I were having dinner with my 13 month old daughter when she got a piece of chicken lodged in her throat - I had to perform the abdominal thrusts and it popped out. My husband admitted to not having a clue what to do in such a situation and thanked God that I was there. It was a terrible situation and one that I pray that I never have to re-live, however at the same time, very empowering.

It is with tears in my eyes that I Thank You from the bottom of my heart - beacause of you and your wonderful course, I was able to save my beloved daughter without a hint of hesitation. Heidi

P.S. My husband WILL be taking a CPR course shortly... :)"

Drop Side Crib Recalls June 24, 2010

Please consult Health Canada information and details about this fairly extensive public notice and recall.  

Play Pens not Safe for Sleeping

Health Canada suggests since playpens do not meet the same safety requirements and are not as durable as cribs, they are not designed to be used as a sleep surface. They recommend....

  • Do not leave an infant sleeping in a playpen for extended periods of time.
  • If a change table or bassinet is provided as an attachment for the playpen, never place a baby in the playpen while the change table or bassinet attachment is still in place.
  • Do not add blankets, pillows or an extra mattress to a playpen. The use of these items could lead to suffocation.
  • Check that the mattress pad is firm. Mattress pads that are too soft or worn down in any area could create a suffocation hazard.

For more information on "Safe Sleeping Practices",

Do they Know, "NO"?

Most parents insist children have to learn not to touch things. However safety researchers find this is an unrealistic expectation of little ones and using this approach can make them more likely they get hurt. In a study, Examining Parental Strategies, and Their Efficacy, for Managing Child Injury Risk,” Morrongiello, BA, Ondejko MA, Littlejohn, A, Journal of Pediatric Psychology, found “Child-based strategies serve no protective function and, depending on what other prevention strategy is in place, may actually elevate children’s risk of injury in a room.” Combining removing hazards and watching, was found to be better methods to keep them safe.

Do you know what is the leading health risk to your child?

Less than 10% of parents do? According to A Safe Kids Canada survey in 2006 showed that the majority of parents do
not understand the risk of serious injury to their children. Nearly one-quarter (24%) of Canadian parents believe that the leading health risk to children is obesity, inactivity, and nutrition, followed by “don’t know” (23%), diseases such as
cancer and diabetes (13%), and smoking and secondhand smoke (12%). Unintentional injury was ranked fifth (9%).
to learn more...

Mesh Pool Fencing


Babysecure carries the Allsafe Pool barrier products.

Removable pool fencing is an ideal form of creating pool safety.

  • Translucent, it creates a barrier between your house and your swimming pool, yet allows a clear view of the pool and surrounding landscaping.
  • Removeable poles allow you to take sections away to give more space for easier access while spending the day at the pool.
  • Great for grandparents to put up when grandchildren come to visit
  • Stretched into place under tension, there are no foot holds, making it difficult to climb over or under.
  • Installed close to touching the ground, there are no gaps as there can be with uneven ground and metal fencing.
  •  Installs into holes which need to be drilled into the concrete or paving stones around the pool.
  • Can also be installed in wood and over short distances of grass or flower beds.
  • In order to make the fencing safe and create the appropriate tension, it needs to be installed by a trained professional with precision tools.
  • Poles are made of reinforced  aircraft-grade aluminum making them weatherproof to stay up year round, even in Canadian winters
  • .The fabric has been treated to prevent mold and mildew and has been UV stabilized to prevent damage by the sun.
  • An epoxy primer ensures an extremely strong bond between the aluminum and the finish coat of our pool fences.  All-Safe® applies an epoxy primer, followed by a polyester, weather-resistant finish coat.
  • It can and should be left up year round.
  • This fencing meets the safety regulations for jurisdictions requiring 4 sided fencing.
  • All Safe accessory parts allow for greater flexibility in creating right angles, step panels to conform to stairs, raised flower beds or slopes in terrain.
  • Fence can be placed over short grassed or garden areas where concrete footings would be installed to support the posts.
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty.
  • Our fencing is manufactured in the U.S. For safety and climate durability, we only import Allsafe's higher end fencing. Other fencing might look similar and cost less but is more likely made in China and of lesser quality.
  • We stock 4 ft height in black or brown colour. 
  • Custom orders can be arranged for 5 ft height and green or cream colour.
  • Choose to include a self-closing, self-locking gate.
  • Sold by linear foot, (price may vary depending on circumstances involved for installation).
  • Babysecure does not sell the fencing without installation services.

To arrange for an estimate for your pool, Contact Us

For more information about frequently asked questions or contact us.

Hole-Free Square/Round Kit

  • This Mounting Kit clamps around your bannister posts allowing you to securely install your gate without screwing into the woodwork.
  • Designed and manufactured by a professional babyproofer to meet the demand of homeowners who are anxious to create a safe environment without making holes.
  • Fits posts that are square at the bottom and round at the top
  • Inside of clamps has a special built in padding to protect your woodwork.
  • Kit includes supplies (excluding screws)  to outfit one side, including 2 sets of square clamps, one set of round adaptors, wood inserts and Gate Mount .
  • Fits square posts measuring between 2.75" to 3.5" on one side of the square.
  •  Fits 1 3/4" diametre spindles but can also be made to fit a range within from 1 1/4" - 3" diametre.

You can choose to have the wood Gate Mount in UNSTAINED or PAINTED WHITE / BLACK (add $5.00)


See HOLE-FREE SQUARE/SQUARE KIT (GMKc,) for posts which have are Square at the bottom and Square at the top.

Babysecure provides these Hole-Free Gate Mounting Fixtures as a service to help our clients who buy our gates. There is an additional Handling Fee if you wish to purchase this item without buying a Babysecure gate.

Door Hinge Cover


Children crushing fingers in doorways is one of the leading injuries seen in pediatric emergency rooms. As seen in the picture,  the Finger Alert is hardly noticeable and does not change the look of the home or child care facility.

  • It consists of two transparent, sturdy plastic strips which cover over the gap between the door and the frame on both sides of your door.
  • Fixing with special adhesive, they are flexible enough to allow for full opening and closing of the door.
  • Installs in minutes without requiring tools.
  • Great for home but also for daycares where there can be larger, heavier, sometimes metal doors.
  • For busier public activity centres, a few screws can be added for greater stability.
  • Tested to over 200,000 opening and closing movements, they are very durable, and last for years.
  • Babysecure has used them in daycares, YMCA's and indoor play centres where there is lots of traffic.
  • 47" High, it allows for the door to have a range of motion of 110 degrees.
  • Custom ordered through distributor. Rather than complete an order through the Babysecure shopping cart, please send all ordering information, name, address, postal code, phone,  number ordered. to and you will be contacted about costs of shipping and method of payment.

See use and installation video for more information.

See ATTACHMENT below for added information and installation directions.



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