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Rise in Injuries may be related to your use of hand held electronic devices

Are too many parents distracted by mobile devices when they should be watching their kids? A recent rise in injuries, reversing the longstanding trend, has doctors worried that the answer is yes. Nonfatal injuries to children under age five rose 12% between 2007 and 2010, after falling for much of the prior decade, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on emergency-room records.

Learn more in article in the Wall Street Journal


Another Bumbo Seat Recall

Despite previous recall notices about safe use, there are still injuries associated with Bumbo Seats. This recall recommends not using the seats until a retrofit belt has been installed. For more information about the recall and how to contact the company, check Health Canada's web site through the following link.....Bumbo Seats.


Safe Sleep Practices.

Health Canada has just released a new conprehensive guide to the safe practices and use of products where our children sleep. From cribs to bunk beds, bed rails, playpens, sleepware and more, the guide gives you information you need to know. Click title of this new resource for your copy.

Is Your Child Safe? Sleep Time

State of Maryland to ban sale of bumper pads.....

The State of Maryland will become the first state in the U.S. and join the city of Chicago, who has already enacted a bylaw, to ban the sale of bumper pads for cribs starting June 2013. "After this extensive review, DHMH concluded that the risks to infants associated with the use of baby bumper pads outweigh potential benefits."

Evenflo highchair recalled

Evenflo has recalled a convertible highchair after trays came loose and babies fell out, see Health Canada link for details.

Safety First Toilet Lock and Cupboard latch recalled.

Safety First has recalled one of its toilet lock and side-by-side cupboard handle latches.

See Health Canada web site for more details.

No more crib bumpers sold in Chicago

Beginning April 5 it is illegal to sell or lease crib bumpers within the city limits of Chicago.

KIDS IN DANGER  amongst many other safety agencies have been warning about the dangers of crib bumper pads for years.

As KID's states, "The risk of suffocation is simply too great to take with our most vulnerable consumers — young babies.We hope that retailers will use this opportunity to educate parents and caregivers about the reasons behind the ban, the new crib standard, and other safe sleep measures. A crib is the one place babies are left unattended. A bare crib that meets the current safety standards is the best way to insure they will stay safe."

For added in formation read Chicago Tribure article

Every 6 minutes in the U.S. a child under 5 goes to emergency for a fall down the stairs.

I in 4 times for babies under age one, they are injured while being carried by their parents on the stairs.
The study, which is being released online March 12, 2012 and appearing in the April 2012 print issue of Pediatrics, noted a decline in the annual number of these injuries during the course of the study. “While we are pleased to see a declining trend in the number of stair-related injuries, stairs continue to be a common source of injury among young children,” said the study’s senior author, Gary Smith, MD, DrPH, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and a professor of pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. “Through a combination of educating parents, use of stair gates, and modifying building codes to make stairs safer, we can prevent these types of injuries.” 
for more information about the study with  recommendations about making stairs more safe....,

Safety First Latch Recalled

Well known side-by-side latch recalled... check out

Safe Kids Week 2012 : Poison prevention - Every day, every way - (May 28 - June 3)

The theme of this year’s Safe Kids Week is Locked Up Tight and Out of Sight.
Poisoning is a much larger public health issue than is generally recognized.   For Canadians of all ages, poisoning is the fourth leading cause of injury deaths and permanent total disability.  It is estimated that half of all poison exposures occur among children less than five years old.  Canadian children are at risk, and most poisonings occur in the home.  Fortunately, most poisonings are preventable with a few simple measures. 
for more information....

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