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Pea Pod - cranberry


The newly designed PeaPod is here!  This convenient travel bed offers peace of mind to parents when out and about with kids.  A lightweight mesh surround provides increased air flow while a large front zipper panel makes access to your child effortless.  The Micro-Lite sleeping pad comes firmly secured to the outer bottom of the PeaPod with snaps, but is easily removable for cleaning or packing.   The PeaPod also has great features for outdoor use including UV protection and anchor straps.  This handy bed is small and lightweight enough to fit inside carry-on size  luggage, making it GREAT for trips without having to check bags!  When not in use, the PeaPod quickly folds for storage inside its own bag making it perfect for short visits or long trips.

Open Dimensions:

46"L x 28"W x 18"H

Storage Bag Dimensions:

16.5"L x 3"W x 16.5"H

Infants have suffocated in gaps between extra padding and on soft bedding. Use only the sleeping pad provided by the manufacturer. NEVER add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding.

DO NOT place sleeping pad inside PeaPod. Sleeping pad is placed under the floor of the product and secured with snaps.
OPEN WITH CARE-When removing PeaPod from storage bag, use caution as it automatically flips open rapidly when the safety strap is removed.

DO NOT leave child unattended while zippered inside.
The PeaPod does not offer complete sun protection.

Maryland bans sale of Bumper Pads

The State of  Maryland joins the city of Chicago in banning the sale of bumper pads, June 21, 2013.

Rattle Recall

Health Canada has recalled - "Kleynimals stainless steel keys" for more information click  here


It's Safe Kids Week in Canada. This year's theme, HEADS UP! BE ALERT, BE SAFE. BE AWARE OF CONCUSSIONS..... for more info on head injury prevention, CLICK HERE


Magnet Advisory and Recall

Health Canada has issued both an Advisory and Recall on small magnet sets (adult puzzles, Bucky Balls) for the hazard of young children putting them in their mouth.

for more information....


Another Vertical Blind Recall

Learn about the latest Heath Canada Vertical Blind Recall,


Safety First Gate Recall

Another recall for a Safety First Gate, for more information consult Health Canada's web site.


Serious Injury from Furniture Tip Overs are REAL, please act.

Read about one mother's experience and you will not be able to ignore this safety hazard....

Canadian Safety Organizations Join Forces

Parachute is a new national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injury and saving lives. It was created from the amalgamation of four leading Canadian injury prevention groups: Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada, SMARTRISK and ThinkFirst Canada. Parachute’s injury prevention programming and advocacy efforts are designed to help Canadians reduce their risks of injury while enjoying long lives lived to the fullest. learn more.....


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