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Nancy Reynolds

More than 35 years ago, mother Nancy Reynolds  had trouble finding practical information about baby proofing her home. Sadly, the most consistent means for learning of the hazards that existed in her home was through the unfortunate experiences of others.

Safety pamphlets helped to identify some of the hazards, but oftentimes they did little to explain how to correct or avoid them. Some information seemed contradictory and confusing. Getting a gate for the top of the stairs seemed straightforward, but there were many gates whose instructions recommend to not be used for the tops of stairs. As Nancy continued her search for answers she uncovered even more questions.

It was during this process of discovery that Nancy discovered first-hand how suddenly a serious injury can occur. One afternoon, distracted and rushing with late dinner preparations, she noticed that the basement door was partly open. It was the movement of her young daughter toward the door that caught her attention. Though she called out, Nancy watched helplessly as her daughter disappeared down the stairs, walker and all. After a great deal of frightened crying on the part of her daughter, and an even greater deal of luck, Nancy emerged from the basement with her daughter, who was not seriously hurt.

By the time her third child was on the way, Nancy had gathered so much information about babyproofing, she realized she could be a helpful resource to other parents. With her educational background in psychology and as she began to work with young parents, she came to realize there was a disconnect in their awareness about the develpmental abiities of babies, how it affects their safety and subsequent long term well being. Parents often thought all they needed to do was tell their children not to touch and expected that was all that was necessary.

In early 1987, BabySecure became one of the first baby proofing companies in North America. A few years later, instead of suggesting families go take a first aid course, Nancy became an instructor with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and then with the Red Cross. Babysecure became the first company in Canada to offer a complete family safety package combining both baby proofing services and first aid training.

Nancy is one of the founding members of the International Association for Child Safety, and has been active volunteer in its evolution. She has filled thre role as the chairperson of their Product Information Committee. In this capacity, she travels to juvenile product shows, searching out new safety products and information about these products from the manufacturers to pass on to the membership. She  to coordinate a show of the new products for their meetings.

Some of the work of the International Association for Child Safety has been to develop safety standards and certification programs for its members. Nancy is the first woman to earn the ADVANCED CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CHILDPROOFER designation and is the only certified childproofer in the Montreal, Eastern Canada area.

A community partner with Safe Kids Canada, BabySecure has been an information resource for safety agencies, including the Red Cross and Health Canada. In her interest to be informed Nancy has attended Canadian and International Injury Prevention Conferences.

Today BabySecure is the longest running baby proofing company in Canada.

In addition to being a mother of three, grandmother of two and a graduate in Psychology at McGill University, Nancy Reynolds: