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About Us

For more than 35 years, BabySecure and owner Nancy Reynolds, Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer® has achieved great success and significant recognition as a company dedicated to making homes safer for children while providing parents and caregivers greater peace of mind.

Though injury in the home is the leading cause of child mortality and hospitalization, baby proofing your home goes much further than eliminating the risk of physical injury to your child. Baby proofing your home fosters the relationship between you and your child, and sets the foundation for your child’s developmental confidence and well-being.

When hazards are removed parents can give babies the freedom to explore and discover for themselves their space and the world around them. This makes taking care of them easier, and creates a more positive opportunity for children to learn. By adjusting some things in your home to account for their stage in development, you show your little ones that you understand and respect them for who they are at this phase of their life.

This site was designed to share with you our years of knowledge and experience. Unlike sites which are purely sales oriented, BabySecure aims to provide you with the information and answers necessary for you to make informed and safe choices for your family. We want to give you the tools and confidence to know that the time, effort and expense you will put into baby proofing your home will not only avoid injury but have many more far reaching benefits.

Please take advantage of reading throughout and feel free to contact us if you have more questions.