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Sharp Edges

Not only do they trip and fall against sharp edges of tables, countrers or shelves but little children easily bump into corners of  pillars in the familyroom, corners of islands or suspended counter tops in kitchen. This is because they do not have good peripheral vision. In some homes with low ceiling edges in basements or suspending kitchen cupboards, this padding can even be useful for the grownups in the house to avoid bumping their heads. In our experience surrounding the complete piece of furniture by notching (cut a V into top side) this edge pad to turn the corners is more effective than just putting on corner pads.

  • Pad measures 1 inch on each side of the right angle, matching CORNER PADS, SC1
  • Sold by the linear foot. (4ft square table order 16ft) As it is cut to your measurements, no returns on this product.
  • Choose below BROWN, BLACK, IVORY & GRAY


This corner cushion has more padding (2") across the top than the drop down edge (1"). It is made of a closed cell foam which is sturdier than regular foam and not easily chewed. Sticks down with two sided tape, provided. While Babysecure makes these corners available, in our experience putting pads on sharp corners is not a long lasting experience. Most parents install the corners only to find within minutes the baby has discovered something new and plucks them off. The only way the corners appear to stay on, is if you are able to glue them down with silicon or screw them into place. This is usually not desirable. In some places, you can screw the corner cushion in from up underneath. The best way we have found to protect toddlers from corners is pad all along the edge with edge padding.  These corners match in size to the Edge Kushion - 6ft. SCE9 found below.
Choose colour below, TAUPE, BROWN and BLACK


This closed cell foam Corner Pad  for sharp corners sticks on with two sided tape which is provided. It measures 1 inch over the top and 1 inch down. It is our experience however, that in many homes, they do not stay on very long before most children pluck them off. You can always try and hope your child is not interested. We have found if you want them to stay, you would need to use silicon glue or screws. In some cases you can do this from up underneath but for most furniture this is not desirable. A better idea is to protect children from corners of tables is by surrounding the whole piece of furniture with edge padding, see Edge Pad or Toddler Shields below.


An energy displacing clear corner custion that protects your child from sharp corners.

These corners have an advanced crumple zone which creates an air bubble that cushions impacts.

Stays on with two sided tape. 4 per pkg.

(As with most corners, there is no guarantee what curious fingers will find interesting to do.)



This elasticized pad made of a unique nylon reinforced polyurethane material is non toxic and flame retardant. Fits around circular or angled tables. Extra foam pads inserts are provided for added protection at the corners. Made from a non-porous material to help reduce absorption of bacteria and easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Does not need adhesives to stay on and is quickly removed when guests come over. Very popular for grandparents and the occasional visits to their home.

Available in NATURAL or BLACK.


Measure circumference to choose appropriate size.

  • COFFEE TABLE (medium 141" - 192")
  • DINING TABLE (large 193" - 270")
  • END TABLE (small 60" - 140" )

Use the Clearly Safe Edge Cushion to provide Out of Sight, Out of Mind, child safety in your home. This Edge Cushion is made from a TPR, rubber like material that is BPA Free, Latex free, and phthalate free. It attaches with a double sided 3M adhesive tape to the back of the Edge Cushion so that its easy for you to install. There is no need to purchase extra Corner Cushions just wrap the Clearly Safe Edge Cushion around a table. Follow the directions to cut and notch the material so that it just folds around the corners in one piece. Different from other edge padding which is secured directly to the right angle of the sharp edge, this padding's raised bead is fixed out from the sharp edge using a air space behind to help create the cushioning. See directions in Attachment below for more information. 6ft long.


Surround the edge of your raised fireplace hearth with this closed-cell foam padding and protect your little ones from the rough or hard surfaces and sharp corners.

  • Closed-cell foam is denser than foam padding normally found in hardware stores and therefore provides more cushioning and is less likely to be picked at or chewed.
  • The pad measures 3" across the top and 3" on the drop down.
  • Kit consists of three 30 inch strips and 2 pre-fab corners, 20" x 10".
  • Will fit fireplace ranging up to 130 inches wide with 10" depth or 110" wide and 20" deep.
  • Can be cut with a bread knife to fit any size in between. 
  • Padding fixes with attached adhesive and will stick to brick, stone, ceramic, or marble.
  • For smaller fireplaces see SCK16 or to extend width see 54" extension, SCK12P.

Instead of padding all the sharp edges around the house, try padding the baby's head. Made of 100% cotton flannel with polyester fibre fill, this bumper is lightweight and washable. Light cream background with Teddy Bear print.


The Pole Padding protects with full-circumference padding. The Pole Padding has a tough, UV resistant exterior, which makes it great for indoor or outdoor use. Works best for poles up to 2 1/8" in diameter. Use two sticks to cover larger poles. Could also be used to grip around a ledge that juts out.

How To Install: Simply cut along prescored cut to open the pole padding and then use heavy-duty cable ties (supplied) to secure around the pole

Interior: 2 1/8"
Exterior 3 1/2"
Thickness: 11/16"
Ships in 48" sticks