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Glass Railing Gate Mount Kit


This Glass Railing Gate Mount Kit takes the mystery out of installing a baby safety gate to glass railings. Looks so good you would not realize it was something added to your railing.

  • Kit consists of a wooden Gate Mount (1" x 2" x 36"strip of wood) which fits to two stainless steel Clamps.
  • The clamps are similar to those used by the glass railing companies to support different panels of glass to eachother.
  • The position of the Clamps can be adjusted anywhere up or down the Gate Mount to work around handrails or moldings.
  • The inside surface of the clamp is completely covered with a non skid rubber gasket which will secure the clamp from slipping when tightened in place as well as prevent any scratching of the glass.
  • When your gate is no longer needed, remove the clamps and there will be no holes or scuffs in the glass.
  • Gate is not included.
  • Kit contains what is need for one side of the gate. If you have Glass railing on both sides of the gate, you will need two kits.

TO NOTE: In almost all cases and especially with Glass Railing on both sides of the opening, the only Gates that have the fixtures which will work with the orientation of where the Gate Mount will be, are the Delux Safeway or Delux Wood Safeways.

SEND PICTURES: If you would like help to know if this Kit will work in your home, please send pictures of your opening and we can get back to you with additional information.

The Gate Mount with the kit can come in Natural Wood or Stained Black, Brown or White. Choose Colour below.

Comes in two sizes of clamps, to fit LRG. 1/2" or SM. 3/8" width glass.Choose Size below.

See ATTACHMENT for details about installation.


glass_gate_mount_clamp_instructions.pdf232.74 KB

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